Renaissance Arabians



Renaissance Arabians has a significant group of very rare Sheykh Obeyd Foundation mares.   A while ago it was estimated that there were 1,000 or less Sheykh Obeyd Arabians around the world.   All Sheyk Obeyd Arabians are also qualified as Al Khamsa and also Asil Club horses. Not all Sheyk Obeyd Arabians also qualify as Straight Egyptian, but all the Shey Obeyd Arabians owned by Renaissance Arabians are Straight Egyptians. 

A horse is Sheykh Obeyd if it traces in all lines "entirely to Arabian horse ancestors “bred by, acquired by, or other­wise introduced into the genetic stream by means of authentication by one, or any combination, of these seven Sheykh Obeyd Foundation Breeders/​Introducers: Abbas Pasha, Ali Pasha Sherif, Wilfred and Lady Anne Blunt, Ahmed Bey Sennari, Prince Ahmed Pasha Kemel, Khedive Abbas II, Royal Agricultural Society [Egypt] under the supervision of Dr. Branch.” Sheykh Obeyd includes all the Heirloom foundation horses plus the following that have known, extant descendants: Nureddin II, Ferida, Badouia, Eid, Aiglon, Mashaan/​Michaan, and Nabras."  All Inshass horses are excluded.  For more information, see