Renaissance Arabians

Renaissance Arabians - The Farm

There is symmetry at Renaissance Arabians between the land, the home, the horses bred there, the way they live, and our name.

The land has undergone a Renaissance. Through modern farming practices the 750 acres that comprise the farm produce healthy crops of corn, soybeans, and alfalfa hay. The crop yields are many times the size of what the land produced as few as 10 years ago.

Built in the late 1800's, the farmhouse has been fully restored to its original beauty. Aged and damaged staircases and moldings have been replicated and replaced. It is a warm and comfortable place to discuss beautiful horses and interesting bloodlines.

The last Renaissance of the farm is the way the horses live at the farm. All the horses living, raised, and produced at the farm frolic in a pasture with others without the typical artifice that denotes a show horse. No show clip, no shoes, just a horse, having an opportunity to be a horse. The foals spend the first years of their lives learning to socialize with other horses. They learn love and respect without fear. The care, devotion, and gentle nature given to all of the horses is evident to all who visit the farm.

Some horses leave the farm early and go to one of the great trainers that Renaissance utilizes. These trainers share my philosophy that too much too early will ruin the very spirit that breeders seek to create in the Arabian Horse.

Please join us in the heart of Region 14 and Ohio antique country. The area is filled with great shows, great people and great horses. There is much to see and do and we welcome your visit.

The farm is located in South Charleston, Ohio, between Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnatti.


Renaissance Arabians farm photo