Renaissance Arabians

Welcome to Renaissance Arabians!

The bloodlines of the Straight Egyptian Arabians bred at Renaissance contain some of the oldest and rarest blood that pumps through the hearts of the finest Arabian Horses in the world.

I love Straight Egyptians for their type and for the grace and beauty that is so revered in our breed. Most of the bloodlines that I have are Ansata and Pritzlaff. I have some mares that are the last in their line. In terms of preservationist breeding for Egyptians, I have some truly treasured mares.

Great horses have been bred here - including the multi-National winning and Egyptian Event winning stallion REA El Kaream+.  And before we focused only on Straight Egyptians, we also bred, owned and/or show winning non-Straight Egyptian horses like multi-National Champion Park horse REA My Allience+//, and multi-National Top Ten English REA My Heiress.


REA El Kaream at the Egyptian Event

I obtained my judges card in 2004 and like most of my peers, judge's school has helped me to be more critical in selecting a new horse or make a breeding decision. I am also an avid student of bloodlines and I feel that a successful show horse will be a complete package, well bred to do a certain job, beautiful, talented, and smart.

My vision for Renaissance Arabians is constantly being refined as I continue to pursue the art of breeding the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.  I am also a life member of the Pyramid Society.

The farm is located between Dayton, Cincinnatti and Columbus, Ohio.  We encourage everyone to stop in and see what we have to offer.